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Product Description

We are capable to supply filters to your specifications and make filters as per order. We supply filters from all manufactures at competitive prices. Our scope of supply consists of filters, coalescers, ultrasonic cleaning unit, Centrifugal filter and many more

Our product range is flexible, comprehensive, available and of consistent high quality. We offer filter and other spare parts for 600 manufacturers worldwide and with regard to all leading brands.

Our products fulfill the highest requirements in terms of reliability and safety on board.

We are specialized in marine filter systems. Today environment protection and economic viability are decisive factors. We are able to advise you and submit a professional offer. 

Our filter care for clean and de-oiled compressed air-Our scope of supply features always a convenient and economical alternative for all compressor types. Do not hesitate to ask.

Besides all filter inserts, gaskets and indicating instruments we also offer all mechanical  components and housings. Brand-new or on exchange basis.

Our Range :- 

Air Filters:-  Filter Housings:- 
  • Oil bath filters Duplex filters
  • Pleated elements Simplex filters
  • Demisters Back flushing filters
  • Filter foams Automatic filters
  • Air intake filters Separators
  • Panel filters Heating oil filters
  • Oil mist separators Centrifuges
  • Wet air filters. Split oils
Fuel Filter:-  Oil Filters:- 
  • Filter tubes   Disc filters
  • Filter plates   Mantle elements
  • Pleated elements                   Edge type filters
  • Screen discs                   High pressure filters
  • Screen fabrics Hydraulic elements
  • Strainers Magnetic separators
  • Coarse filers   Micro filters
  • Sintered metal filters Suction filters
  • Basket filters   Notch wire filters
  • (Pleated) Paper cartridges   Multi mantle elements
  • Oil Filters disc filters Centrifuges
  • Mantle elements   Pleated paper cartridges.
  • Edge type filters
  • High pressure filters
  • Hydraulic elements.

Water Purification:-  Water Treatment:- 
  • Silver candles Sea water filters
  • Sterile filters Water/oil separators
  • Activated carbon filters Coalescers
  • Ceramic filters Bilge water filters
  • Ultra-Violet systems. Oily water separators (OWS) coalescer  pads.