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We purchase engines from ship breaking yards and bring them to our workshop at Trapaj, nearest to Alang Ship Breaking Yard and carrying out the following process before delivering the spares to the customers to ensure quality of products.

  • Dismantling of engine at our workshop with proper tools by Qualified Technicians.
  • Proper cleaning, including chemical cleaning if required.
  • Calibrations, Pressure Testing & other NDT tests as required.
  • Painting and other Surface Treatment as required.
  • Protected very well by Greece or chemical & covered by special material.
  • Packing in wooden boxes or as required
  • Dispatching the goods as per the dispatch instructions.
  • All items are checked thoroughly before dispatch, by our qualified staff.
  • When any class certificate is required by the clients, we will send to any approved workshop at Mumbai, complete all the works there, carryout all tests and get it certified by any class required by customer.
  • All items are packed properly in wooden boxes to avoid any kind of damage during handling and transit. Thus we assure good working condition of all items supplied by us.